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Creating and Sustaining Biodiversity in Ecosystems

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PC Landscapes are part of a new venture – Biodivercity Associates – a consultancy set up to work on projects to improve biodiversity and create sustainable landscapes.  See the new website at for more information about this work.

We are increasingly conscious of the new DEFRA National Biodiversity Strategy 2020, as well as new references like ecosystem services* and the benefits they bring the natural environment.

We have found that the initial site assessment before development of homes and office buildings is essential in mitigating costs, whist protecting the valued features and areas within a project site.

We can advise you on your local BAP (Biodiversity action Plan) and how your garden or work space can play an integral part in the wider landscape, while complimenting the overall green infrastructure of your local community.

( * ecosystem services – a term used to describe any beneficial function provided by green space)

Gardening For Wildlife

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We can explain how ecosystem services benefit not only your family or staff, but the entire community and also assist you in your corporate and social responsibility towards the natural environment. We can also advise on biodiversity and ecosystem services in relation to the following:

  • Private space & homes – mixed planting within a private garden can compliment a network of wider gardens or green areas.
  • The mix of native and ornamental planting that can provide interest all year round for all your visitors.
  • The integration of vegetable food crops, herbs and pollinator rich plant species provides additional functionality and interest for young and old.

Please contact us to discuss how we can improve your green infrastructure and ecosystems services.

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