How long will it take to complete the project?

This is dependant upon the size, scale, complexity and location the project. Once a garden design has been agreed, then a cost and a timescale can be achieved. The design stages are crucial to any project because elements, features and materials can be specifically used or reused to achieve maximum cost efficiency and sustainability.

Will I need planning permission?

This again will be down to location and complexity of project but we can deal with all local authority applications and consents and we look to work closely with all relevant statutory bodies.

I have plans from my architect, can I use them?

In some cases we can use the topography surveys, building architects have had undertaken. Again in some case we are engaged at the same time as your building architect to provide a combined design team to ensure you get the best results inside and out.

Does your service include project management?

We offer a full suite of services from design, project management and construction. If you have a design from another designer we are happy to build this or project management can be undertaken. We can also act as a consultant to advise you on work that is to be undertaken.

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