Arts and Crafts Garden

Working with these clients for a second time has been a real pleasure having designed and built their previous garden. For their new home, our clients had been inspired by a local arts and crafts property they had visited and loved the wildflower areas merging into the more traditional borders.

A sloping garden with a slight drainage issue we changed the rear levels to allow a more natural movement of surface water to discharge into the lowest point within the garden and created a naturalistic planted swale to catch the surplus water.

We are keeping and reusing all the existing soil spoil into a series of large rock features that merges with a stumpery within the more wooded sections of the garden to create a route through a richly planted banked feature that leads to a below-ground mushroom cave, a delight for a mycophile..!

Stone and timber are key materials with a large oak pergola leading out into the garden creating a family seating & entertaining area adjacent to the newly levelled lawn. A few steps down lead to the fire terrace where our clients can relax after dinner whilst still being close to the action via the curving stone steps to the lower barn terrace.

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