Contemporary multi-level garden in Guildford

“To Have High Visual Impact” was the quote used by our clients in the design brief for this project. The architects had just completed their plans for remodeling the rear of our client’s house and we were engaged to redesign the multi-level space left between the house and the swimming pool.

Our Clients have an interest in sculpture and had requested additional planters on their new terraces, one of which we made into a fire pit area.

In order to overcome the level changes without the need for extensive retaining walls, we came up with the solution of a multilevel planter system that is connected on different levels that then act as a mass-filled retainment system. This provided the high visual impact our clients were after,  with the added bonus of having the planting closer to the viewers on the upper terraces.

We also overcome the unsightliness of the existing pump house by lowering it and turning it into a bar table. Once completed, our clients will be able to enjoy uninterrupted views into the surrounding landscape, as well as have a more functional entertaining space.

The lower terrace sculpture will now be surrounded by a demicircle of wildflower meadow. This will provide a visual link between the surrounding fields and the new contemporary garden, as well as support more wildlife and further enhance the sculpture.

This project is currently under construction. You can follow the progress through our Instagram stories.



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