Stone garden walls in Guildford

Dry Stone Wall in Guildford

This project won a BALI National Award for Design and Build as well as the Principle Award and featured on At Home magazine.

We took on the entirety of this project – designing and building garden walls to innovatively use this steeply sloping garden. It was a project that took a huge amount of planning and preparation – and when the planning permission came through, our team only had 12 weeks in which to complete the entire project before the client was hosting a 21st birthday party in the space.

Our team worked six days a week non-stop to make sure the garden was ready for our client’s party – over 500 tonnes were excavated, and 200 tonnes reused to create this innovative use of space. To our clients’ delight the project even came in under budget.


The completion of this project, designing and building intricate garden walls, included:

  • Gaining planning permission and liaising with local authorities
  • Structural engineers were brought in to both advise and check the garden walls
  • The walls were made from concrete block work and stone faced and mortared to give a dry stone wall effect
  • Stones were re-used from old existing walls
  • A complete drainage system was designed to ensure the hydrology of the site was not compromised and a water harvesting system was included in the scheme
  • All lighting and irrigation conduits were built into the garden walls

If you would like to discuss options for reinventing your garden or outdoor space with garden walls, contact our team today using the form on the right. We will be happy to discuss different types of garden walls and designs to suit your needs.

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