Garden steps in Ascot

Garden Steps in Ascot

With these garden steps our aim was simply to reduce the impact the original steps had upon the garden, whilst still allowing access to the upper garden with new focal points and features.

These steps had originally been constructed by the house developer who had over specified the concrete and found the worst place to locate two large flights of steps that lead nowhere. We redesigned the steps to change direction at the half way point to reduce the initial visual impact and then continue to the upper level.

The mass concrete foundation of the original linear flight of steps had to be reduced with the steel reinforcing removed. New stepped foundations were formed and faced in brick to match the original.

Retaining walls were constructed using railway sleepers and a planting border to the front lined with Taxus baccata (Yew). This was undertaken to screen the walls and soften the steps. Lighting was included within the step risers and the treads were of Indian sandstone to match the original paving.

The completion of this project included:

  • Gaining planning permission and liaising with local authorities
  • Steps were made on a concrete base faced in brick with treads of Indian sandstone
  • Lighting ducts, cables and lights were installed and connected to a wireless remote control system
  • Structural planting was used to screen a portion of the garden steps

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