Large garden Wentworth

Design brief

Our clients lead an international lifestyle and required their garden to fulfil and meet a number of specific needs.

Firstly a new second driveway for extended family and guests along with a contemporary glamping pod for additional accommodation.

A need to keep a large lawn area for marque’s and social functions along with seating and a circulatory path for fitness, health and wellbeing requirements along with lighting and extending the existing rain water irrigation system to cover the new planting areas.

Our clients have a love of roses, woodland planting and colourful trees especially in the autumn. This provided us with lots of planting options to create a scheme for year round interest.

The glamping pod needed to be fully functional with all services including underfloor heating leading to the external deck where we proposed a transition onto plank / strip paving to allow planting to grow in the spaces to bring nature as close as possible.

Permeable resin paths where proposed for the circulatory path to allow for minimal excavation and disturbance to the existing and proposed trees whilst still allowing rain water to flow through to the plants root systems.

A bespoke sculpture was proposed to wind its way through the taller trees (like a ribbon in the wind) then dive down into the planting only to reemerge near the glamping pod and continue to flow through the planting.

We increased the planting borders to create the seasonal interest and increase the attraction for biodiversity, the large lawn was increased for a carbon sink as well as a functional space for entertainment and a further 20 large trees were proposed to provide that spectacular splash of autumn colour. This also helps to reduce some of the clients carbon footprint offset by planting such large trees.

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