Large sloping garden Surrey

Design brief

We were approached by these clients after they had viewed a similar project on our website and knew we had experience dealing with a multilevel steep sloping garden.

“We are open to all ideas and want to come across different areas whilst walking around the garden’ this was the request from our clients. The architects had produced some building concepts for the new swimming pool and gym complex for the house extension on a lower level with a green roof which we needed to take into consideration.

Although this house has spectacular views the clients wanted us to focus on the garden and bring the wider landscape closer to the house, both clients have formal and informal tastes “its not all about the views” as the client reminded us we can see the view from every window” !

We were asked to create different destinations whilst accommodating the large difference’s in levels in both a practical and creative way. There was a need for different seating and functional areas for different occasions whether these were social, business or private family spaces. We needed to understand and reflect how the our clients utilise the spaces within their home so that we could assist in making the transition from the house to the garden and create an effortless flow into the wider landscape.

As with all of our projects we are mindful of the environment and always aim to utilise all existing materials on site so that we can reduce costs for the clients, reduce waste and minimise pollution. Using the existing landscape for inspiration we proposed to keep all soil on site so that we can address drainage, levels and ensure that we can maximise for biodiversity whilst creating the spaces required for our clients to enjoy.


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