PC Landscapes multilevel Garden in Surrey countryside

Breath-taking Sustainable garden in Surrey

Our design brief was to have a considered phased approach incorporating all the elements that the clients required. These included a new swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen, a wider entertaining area, as well as a table tennis terrace, fire pit area and a gym & sauna easily accessible from the house.

Swimming Pool and Outdoor Kitchen in Farnham Garden, design by PC Landcapes ltd.

Environmental drivers were also a factor as our clients wanted to incorporate a wilding area and increase bee-friendly planting. Keeping chickens and implement further naturalistic planting with bluebells extending into their woodland was also important.

Kitchen Garden in Surrey countryside, design by PC Landscapes Ltd.

Due to the sloping nature of the site, the clients had real concerns that large retaining walls may be necessary to provide the leveled areas they required, resulting in a costly and prohibitive exercise.

These challenges were easily overcome due to the sustainable mindset and experience of our landscape designers who through clever engineering and a planting ethos created the floating terrace, steps, and walkway without the use or need of reinforced concrete foundations, walls, aggregates, or adhesives. This allowed us to maximize the soil reuse on-site to create a more leveled space that would flow naturally to the next.

Steps to Tennis Court, Garden Design by PC Landscapes

The client’s love of art allowed our designers to creatively play with the land contours to incorporate wildflower banks and planting areas to connect the wider landscape whilst placing sculptural pieces in key focal locations. ¬†Practical access to the tennis viewing deck and the tennis court was retained.

Entertaining in Surrey Garden

The 3D helped our clients to visualise the final result and facilitated informed decisions before committing to the investment.

Drone View of Surrey Garden, Design by PC Landscapes Ltd.

You can see the garden if full on our Vimeo Channel:

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