The new Centenary Garden, celebrating 100 years of Exbury Gardens

Exbury Centenary Garden rendering

Built by PC Landscapes, the Centenary Garden was created to celebrate 100 years of the Rothschilds at Exbury.

Designed by Marie-Louise Agius (Lionel de Rothschild’s great-granddaughter and Chelsea’s Gold Medalist), the garden is contemporary in style, with subtle nods to the family history and focuses on late flowering summer perennials. To quote Marie-Louise’s words: “…a garden within the gardens that was both different from and yet complemented the existing gardens”.

Exbury Centenary Garden construction by PC Landscapes

Rothschild 5 arrows symbol at Exbury Centenary Garden

PC Landscape's installing the bespoke oak pergola at Exbury Gardens

Marie-Louise’s design includes a sunken central area with the Rothschild’s notorious 5 Arrows symbol in black Caledonian slate set into York stone paving. Constructed in place of a former tennis court, a completely new drainage system was designed and installed by PC Landscapes. This was to ensure appropriate drainage of both the sunken and any adjacent area, as well as to avoid any future potential flash floods.

Once the central area was excavated to the required levels, a fixed central datum line was established to create the elliptical shape and ensure the exact measurements for the bespoke stonework and paving. Blockwork faced with brick to match the old existing buildings were used to create the walls, and our fabricator renovated the new steel climbing frames from an old steel structure.

Bespoke oak pergolas and gates were made and lifted into position.

Bespoke Oak pergola installed by PC Landscapes in the Centenary Garden of Exbury


Over a hundred tonnes of topsoil were imported to fill all the new beds and borders. Working with the Exbury head gardener and his team, we planted the garden.

Landscaped between 2017 and early 2019, the garden has been carefully hidden from the public to have the chance to grow and mature before the official launch, and to “ensure that the visitors will see the garden looking established and thriving from day one”.

Late summer planting in the Exbury Centenary Garden built by PC Landscapes

The Rothschild's 5 arrows symbol in the new Centenary Garden at Exbury Gardens

The centenary Garden designed by Marie-Louise Agius

The main part of the garden took about 5 months to build on site, the majority of which was intentionally whilst the gardens were closed to the public.

Making sure that the project ran smoothly and on time was a priority for PC Landscapes.

The Exbury Centenary Garden after installation

Astrantia major 'Large White'

PC Landscapes van behind one Exbury's oak gates