Timber decking in Fleet

Timber Decking in Fleet

This timber decking in Fleet was part of a larger project. We designed the decking to provide a family seating area for a summer’s evening after a day playing in the pool.

The mixed use of steps allows the transition from the paved area in to the deck whilst allowing us to maximise the levels that existed on site. A central stone circle allowed a material link between the areas as well as a firm and solid base for a focal point (statue) or table legs.

Low-level lighting was used with a louvred copper cover to seamlessly blend in with the timber. Ipe hardwood was used which was pre-drilled, countersunk, glued and screwed prior to being plugged with an Ipe plug and sanded flush, this made sure no screws (stainless steel) were visible, creating a great finished surface.

This timber decking project involved:

  • All FSC wood used and handled safely
  • A lighting system was installed to create atmosphere

Timber Decking in Fleet Gallery

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