Garden Water Features in Guildford

Water Feature in Farnham

When this repeat client approached us about designing and installing a water feature, our team was delighted to return to their garden. We work with a number of different water specialists and trusted electricians meeting different needs and budgets, so we were able to assemble a great team for this project.

All water features need to be maintained, and be safe for both small children and pets. This bespoke waterfall offered a concealed and safe stainless steel tank can, creating a safe, but beautiful feature that out clients are very happy with.

This project included:

  • Advice on the safest and best types of water feature
  • Design that complemented the rest of the garden
  • Collaboration with the right specialists and electricians
  • Full consideration of safety for of children and pets
  • Advice and support for maintaining a stunning water feature in our clients’ garden
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